Consultation times vary and are placed to suit you with some evening and Saturdays available as well as normal working hours during the week.

  • Initial or extended consultations are 1½ hours duration, cover your history and individual current condition and as needed, may include massage, acupuncture, cupping and spooning, or Reiki, diet and exercise therapy: $110
  • Normal consultation – up to 1 hour: $80
  • Children – up to 12 years old: $50
  • Seniors and Health Care card holders discount $10 less
  • Granulated herbal teas
  • Pills and capsules, cough mixture and creams are also available
  • Children’s range available in palatable granules
  • Palatable cough mixture, for children and adults
  • Absentee letters are available and legally viable

Phone: 0418 327 892

Address: 3/374 Nepean Highway, Frankston 3199



Initial visits are  90 minutes, during which time you will be asked to fill in a form with a very brief medical history, listing drugs, herbs, vitamins that you currently take and a few other relevant details. We will then discuss your current complaint and symptoms with any relevant history and adjustments to diet that could help you. You will have your pulse taken (no coffee please for 2 hours before) and will be asked to stick your (un-brushed) tongue out for inspection. We will also discuss the best way to help improve your condition and you may be shown relevant exercises or stretches that help you. Depending on your condition, herbs may be prescribed. You will then be asked to slightly disrobe and get onto the massage table for a quick check of relevant areas, and the appropriate therapies applied. These may include Tuina massage, wet or dry cupping, Guasha (see relevant pages under therapies on this site), Moxibustion, Infra- red heat lamp, and acupuncture. The experience is surprisingly relaxing for most people. Have a read of the acupuncture page under “Therapies” on this site to learn about dry needling as opposed to acupuncture.

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