Summer Diets & Hangover Cures

It’s that time of year with many parties and overindulgence, so I am sharing some tips to relieve a hangover and overeating. The Chinese love their banquets and are rather familiar with overindulgence. It is therefore no surprise that traditionally they have plenty of formulas to help relieve them.

There are even herbal teas for children that eat too many sweets and other rich foods. The holidays are quite often a stressful time, especially for those that do all the present buying, cooking and work.

Banana peel: boil 60 grams and drink the water

Mandarin juice: drink fresh

Strawberries: eat fresh, 8 – 10 at a time

Watermelon:  eat 500 – 1000 grams at room temperature twice daily to quench thirst, relieve bad breath, clear a bitter taste in the mouth and reduce hangovers and dark yellow urine.

Watermelon rind:  save and dry-out in the sun. Boil 50 grams of dried rind and drink as a tea for hypertension, diabetes, nephritis and hangover.

Star Fruit (Carambola): detoxes and cools, relieves painful urination, hangover, mouth sores, haemorrhoids, cough, fever, kidney and bladder stones (+ 2 teaspoons of honey), (eat 2 x twice daily or drink juice of 3).

Summer is the season of yang exuberance, our Qi moves up and outwards and our pores open up to allow for easy cooling by sweating. Our blood thins and our faces flush as the Qi nears the surface. Acupuncture is applied more shallowly and treatments are usually gentler. To go with the season, we need to eat foods that increase activity and outward energy like flowers, spices and leaves. More cooling foods are eaten, but care must be taken to still include some warm foods in order to protect the spleen Qi.

Summer food has brighter colours and can be quickly cooked at high heat to encourage Qi movement. Steaming food has a cooler effect on it then frying it. Bitter foods benefit the heart, reducing and descending heat, swelling and inflammation. They help bowel movements and weight loss, clear mucus and help lower blood pressure. They should not be overeaten unless you have heart-fire – (a pointy red tongue with darker red tip can reveal this). More fluids are needed to replace those lost by sweat and evaporation in the warmer weather. It is important to drink fluids at room temperature or warmer, and without ice in order to protect the digestion and avoid bloating.

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