In Chinese medicine cupping is used to remove blockages of vital energy and correct imbalances, such as those caused by wind, cold or damp penetrating the body. This ancient form of healing is done with a vacuum caused by introducing heat into specialized glass cups that draw onto particular skin areas. It may be used to remove excess or to gently release and unblock stagnation.

The cups are placed on particular acupuncture points, with various pressures and times, depending on the patient’s condition. It is normal for the marks to take a few days to clear. The colour of the marks will vary according to the application technique and the underlying problem and are used more gently in the young, elderly or weaker patient. Many hours of supervised training are undergone in order to do this correctly with maximum effect. Your TCM practitioner will have studied and practiced cupping for many years before they are qualified to cup you. Other therapists who use this as an add-on may only have done a weekend course with minimal practical experience.

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